Let's get to know each other

Adam Biernat - fine art landscape photographer

Hi! I'm Adam

I’m an award-winning fine art landscape photographer, and I'm especially fascinated by Nordic vistas.

I’ve been dreaming of the far North since I was a child. When I finished my studies, I moved to a completely out-of-the-way place in Norway. It was there, almost 500 km north of the Polar Circle, where I got crazy about landscape photography.

After months spent in Norway, I came to Iceland. Although I don’t live there permanently, Iceland is my place on earth.

So far, I have spent three years in the land of fire and ice. I lived in the Icelandic wilderness right next to the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, as well as by some of the most spectacular fjords.

Adam Biernat photographing in Iceland
Photography by Adam Biernat in the Icelandic magazine Faeda/Food.
Adam Biernat - exhibition

All fine art photography prints, which you can find in my shop, are the result of my fascination with Iceland and other Nordic countries. Immerse yourself in the fairy-tale-like world. In the privacy of your home, feel the smell of tundra and the freshness of the Icelandic breeze.

These landscape and nature photography prints will bring relief and allow your thoughts to slow down. A great adventure awaits you every day.

When you decide to buy my artwork, you get a museum quality fine art print, also called giclée print. 100% cotton, archival fine art paper in combination with the best printing technology give stunning results. I guarantee that these fine art prints will not start to fade even in a hundred years.

My landscape photography prints are regularly exhibited in art galleries. I am a finalist of art and photography contests: Prix de la Photographie Paris, Debuts, and Pomeranian Art Triennale among others. You can also find my photographs in great magazines, f. ex. Icelandic ‘Fæða/Food’ and ‘Í boði náttúrunnar’.

Whether you are a fan of minimalist Nordic and Scandinavian decor, modern farmhouse decor, or rustic home decor, bring the outdoors in. Create an everyday space that reflects your travels, passions, and desires.

Let some Icelandic wind into your home!

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